Greetings from UUEstrie, a liberal spiritual community that first gathered in the village of North Hatley back in 1886, as the First Universalist Church of North Hatley.

Join us Sundays at 10:30am for our weekly service.

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July 24th Sunday service, 10:30 a.m.: Interdependence & Inter-being, with Rev. Carole Martignacco

Reflecting in the web of creation and the astonishing Webb telescope. This past week we’ve been given breathtaking infrared glimpses into deep time and outer space. Showing us a universe beyond our wildest imagining. How will we humans relate to this new information? And what of our exploration of inner space? Where might that lead?

This service is BOTH In Person AND via Zoom. Come to the church building, OR join by Zoom (email info@uuestrie.ca for the link)

10 juillet, le service du dimanche, 10 h 30. Interdépendance & Inter-être, avec la rév. Carole Martignacco (en anglais)

Se reflétant dans la toile de la création et l’étonnant télescope Webb. La semaine dernière, nous avons eu des aperçus infrarouges à couper le souffle dans le temps profond et l’espace extra-atmosphérique. Nous montrant un univers au-delà de notre imagination la plus folle. Comment nous, les humains, nous rapporterons-nous à cette nouvelle information ? Et que dire de notre exploration de l’espace intérieur ? Où cela pourrait-il mener ?

Responsable du service : Camille Bouskéla; Musique : Mike Matheson
Ce service est À LA FOIS en personne ET via Zoom. Venez au bâtiment de l’église, ou rejoignez par Zoom (contacter info@uuestrie.ca pour le lien)

July 24 @ 10:30 am

July 10th Sunday service, 10:30 a.m.: What I learned from my DNA (with Rachel Garber)

Who I am is not exactly what I seem to be. Service leaders are Kevin Jensen and Camille Bouskéla.

This service is BOTH In Person AND via Zoom. Come to the church building, or join by Zoom. (email info@uuestrie.ca for the link)

10 juillet, le service du dimanche, 10 h 30. Ce que j’ai appris de mon ADN (avec Rachel Garber) en anglais

Qui je suis n’est pas exactement ce que je semble être. Les responsables de service sont Kevin Jensen et Camille Bouskéla.

Ce service est À LA FOIS en personne ET via Zoom. Venez au bâtiment de l’église, ou rejoignez par Zoom. (contacter info@uuestrie.ca pour le lien)

July 10 @ 10:30 am

In Person at the church – A reflection on “Open to the Spirit” with Mary Ann McCarron

Mary Ann McCarron will share her reflection on “Open to the Spirit”. A collection of writings from spiritual leaders in the Eastern Townships, including former minister of this congregation, Rev. Carole Martignacco.

“Open to the Spirit—one word, four voices—came out of our direct experience as friends doing interfaith work in the community. Meeting and working together at shared social or social justice events, we already enjoyed promoting one another’s projects and good work. When a weekly religion column ended in our local paper, we seized the opportunity and agreed to form a writing team to fill the space with a message that was inclusive and welcoming.”

A light luncheon will be served following the service then the annual general meeting will be held.

June 26 @ 10:30 am

Phyllis Skeats and Universalism in the Eastern Townships

A message from Adele Ernstrom to mark the passing of long-time member and friend of the church, Phyllis Skeats.

The death of Phyllis Skeats (1928-2021) marked the close of a life notably linked with the legacy of Universalism in the Eastern Townships. A former reference librarian at Bishop’s University and a local historian, Phyllis with her husband Terry Skeats was a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of North Hatley. Also known as UUEstrie, the congregation represents a merger dating from the 1950s of two distinct traditions of liberal religion, Unitarianism and Universalism.

As Phyllis outlined in her Chronology of the Unitarian Universalist Church of North Hatley (2005), the church originated in 1870 as a society based on the Universalist Profession of Belief. From its beginnings in 18th century England, Universalism advanced he idea of a merciful God, rejecting the Calvinist doctrine in which original sin predetermined the question of salvation. Universalism swept through the Eastern Townships in the 19th century, generating congregations in which that of North Hatley typified a wider movement.

Another was the Huntingville Universalist Church, foundations of which were laid in 1844, as Phyllis recorded in Heritage Huntingville (2009).With heritage status, the Huntingville Church is the oldest surviving Universalist structure in Quebec and one of the oldest in Canada. With her husband Terry, Phyllis worked to restore the building and its historic legacy. As part of that effort, the Unitarian Universalist Church of North Hatley has held occasional services in the Huntingville Church, often at Thanksgiving, and hopes to resume doing so as the pandemic recedes.

Adele Ernstrom
Board member
Unitarian Universalist Church of North Hatley

In Person at the church – A Clown in th Vatican? – with Jonathon Ellison

Jonathon Ellison heads back to Africa in less than a week. He wants to evaluate two villages for a new idea, and we’ve asked him to share the challenges our work still faces. Our donations are up, we’ve now helped over 1,000 women to collectively grow 100 tons of food every year, but the reality of women not having agency or support remains.

WaterforAfricanWomen.org is evaluating the building of a women’s training center. Even as Jonathon sometimes feels like he’s dressed as a carrot and walking into the Vatican to talk about women’s rights, there is still inspiration from these magnificent women of Africa to push us further to help them succeed. All are invited and we think you will find this 30-minute talk to be challenging, moving, a little sad, and funny. (version française suit)

5 juin, le service du dimanche, 10 h 30. Un clown au Vatican? – avec Jonathon Ellison (en personne)

Jonathon Ellison retourne en Afrique dans moins d’une semaine. Il veut évaluer deux villages pour une nouvelle idée, et nous lui avons demandé de partager les défis auxquels notre travail est toujours confronté. Nos dons sont en hausse, nous avons maintenant aidé plus de 1 000 femmes à cultiver collectivement 100 tonnes de nourriture chaque année, mais la réalité des femmes qui n’ont ni agence ni soutien demeure.
WaterforAfricanWomen.org évalue la construction d’un centre de formation pour femmes. Même si Jonathon a parfois l’impression d’être déguisé en carotte et d’entrer au Vatican pour parler des droits des femmes, il y a encore de l’inspiration de la part de ces magnifiques femmes d’Afrique pour nous pousser plus loin afin de les aider à réussir. Tous sont invités et nous pensons que vous trouverez cette conférence de 30 minutes stimulante, émouvante, un peu triste et drôle. (en anglais)

June 12 @ 10:30 am

In Person at the church – Clean-up Day – Soup ‘n’ Scrubbin

As the title states, we will gather together to clean up the Church. After a long absence, the Church needs some tender love and care. Enjoy some soup after all the hard work. (version française suit)

Comme le titre l’indique, nous nous rassemblerons pour nettoyer l’Église. Après une longue absence, l’Église a besoin d’un peu d’amour et de soins. Savourez une soupe après tout le travail.

May 29 @ 10:30 am