Greetings from UUEstrie, a liberal spiritual community that first gathered in the village of North Hatley back in 1886, as the First Universalist Church of North Hatley.

Join us Sundays at 10:30am for our weekly service.

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DATE – Saturday Nov. 20, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
This year, incorporating all of Quebec and the Maritimes !
• We will have a live dance performance by our Kaliyampoondi Child Haven children
• We will have a virtual tour of the Child Haven Homes with Tour Guide Robin
• We will have an online auction of treasures from India, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh
opens at 10 a.m. Nov 11th and closes at 10 p.m. on Nov 20th
Great way to support our Child Haven children and find gifts for yourself – and others!
Buy an event “ticket” ($45 per person, or as much as you wish to donate) at the link on the Child Haven website https://childhaven.ca/fundraiser_montreal_2021.html and then on the Donate button.
You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation and you will get an email or telephone call with the Zoom invitation link a few days before the event.
November 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Online Via Zoom – Congregational discussion on the proposed 8th Principle (With Crystle Reid and Ryan Frizzell)

On November 27, delegates will vote at a Special Meeting of CUC members on the adoption of a new 8th Principle.

“We, the member congregations of the Canadian Unitarian Council, covenant to affirm and promote:

Individual and communal action that accountably dismantles racism and systemic barriers to full inclusion in ourselves and our institutions”

We are holding a congregational discussion at our Sunday Service so that delegates from UUEstrie can better vote on behalf or our community and to share the work of the Dismantling Racism Study group that led to it’s creation.

November 14, 2021 @ 10:30 am

(In-person) All Souls – Remembrance of lost loved ones

An ancient Celtic tradition describes this time of year as when “the veil between the two worlds is thinnest”. In this service we encourage everyone to share a personal testimony about someone important to them who has passed away in the recent past.

Please note our Covid-19 guidelines for in-person services at https://uuestrie.ca/covid-19-guidelines/

November 7, 2021 @ 10:30 am

(In-person) HALLOWEEN, with/avec Crystle Reid & Mary Ann McCarron

For Halloween! People can come disguised (if you want) and Crystle will arrange some games and we could go for a walk outside.

Pour Halloween ! Les gens peuvent venir déguisés (si vous le souhaitez) et Crystle organisera des jeux et nous pourrons nous promener à l’extérieur.

Please be sure to note our Covid-19 guidelines for in-person services.

Covid-19 Guidelines

October 31, 2021 @ 10:30 am

Book Launch: A Bowl of Orange Suns by Carole Martignacco

Book Launch: Carole Martignacco and Shoreline Press launch her new book of poetry, A Bowl of Orange Suns, on Saturday, October 9, at 2 p.m. Martignacco is author of the award-winning book, The Everything Seed. She will read from her new book, offer music by cellist Catherine Walker and a musician friend, and take-home orange treats. All are welcome, with masks and distancing; vaccine passport required. The event is in the UUEstrie sanctuary (upstairs), 201 Main, North Hatley.

Lancement du livre : Carole Martignacco et Shoreline Press lancent son nouveau livre de poésie, A Bowl of Orange Suns, le samedi 9 octobre à 14 h. Martignacco est l’auteur du livre primé, The Everything Seed. Elle lira un extrait de son nouveau livre, proposera de la musique de la violoncelliste Catherine Walker et d’un ami musicien, et des friandises à l’orange à emporter. Tous sont les bienvenus, avec masques et distanciation ; passeport vaccinal obligatoire. L’événement se déroule dans le sanctuaire UUEstrie (à l’étage), 201 Main, North Hatley. 

October 9, 2021 @ 2:00 pm

Soundwalk – outdoor service at the church – with Ryan Frizzell

A Sound Walk is…

a listening exercise that helps us become aware
of our immediate acoustic environment.
It is also about the aesthetic pleasures of listening.
Listening to sounds we might otherwise have missed;
listening to the rhythm of sounds;
listening for the unique ‘voice’ of a city.

It’s about enjoying the sensual beauty and sheer surprise
of sound…

From hildegardwesterkamp.ca

We will take a 20 minute easy walk in North Hatley to experience the sounds around us. In the event of rain, we will go inside the church for a sharing service.

September 19, 2021 @ 10:30 am

Online via Zoom – Ted Talk entitled, “How Boredom Can Lead to Your Most Brilliant Ideas” – Crystle Reid

A Ted Talk video shared over Zoom:

Do you sometimes have your most creative ideas while folding laundry, washing dishes or doing nothing in particular? It’s because when your body goes on autopilot, your brain gets busy forming new neural connections that connect ideas and solve problems. Manoush Zomorodi explains the connection between spacing out and creativity.

September 12, 2021 @ 10:30 am