Christmas in the Forest

Our annual pageant and turkey supper was held on Sunday, 14 December 2014. This year’s original play written and directed by Kevin Jensen, takes place in medieval England. Queen Elizabeth becomes lost in the forest, and takes shelter in a peasants’ hut.
Heather Lewis took these photographs. The first four were taken during the play, she apologizes that the lighting was not very good. (Well, it was a peasant hut, after all!)
processional pavane
The remaining pictures of the cast were taken after the play. First up are the grandparents (Chantal and Michael), who were in a fluster over serving poached venison stew.
Sir Keith and Lady Phyllis
Her Majesty and Earl Dudley
Queen and ladies

Joy and relief after the play. Note the incriminating antlers and deer hides on the box.
Carpenter and playright

Sorry, folks, novenison stew, it was all eaten up in the play. But lots of turkey and everything else you can imagine.

Actually more desserts that you can imagine.

Thanks to all who helped , with both the play and the dinner. The kitchen was a busy place.